I am a stay at home mom and breeder who loves her babies, both furry and human. I grew up with my family raising Great Pyrenees and Bearded Collies. My siblings and I were involved in showing and obedience trials from a young age. It was very important to us that our dogs be well behaved and well socialized. I have loved dogs for as long as I can remember.

When I got married my husband loved dogs as well, but suffers from bad allergies and can't be around a lot of dogs. Then we got our first poodle and absolutely fell in love.

I just love their personality and they are so smart. I get very exciting being able to match new owners with their own sweet puppy. We strive to further the breed by careful breeding for conformation and the happy confident personality that our poodles have. We only have a few litters a year. The mothers are our pets. The puppies are a part of our family for as long as they are with us as well. They are handled daily and we try to socialize them the various noises common to a household.