AKC Stonewick's Taylor Made Perfection
Taylor is a large toy poodle measuring 10" at the shoulder and she weighs 8lbs. She adores her human family and wants lots of love and snuggles. She lives with her forever family in Franklin IN. Taylor is expecting a litter due the first week of January, 2019.

AKC Stonewick's Consider the Lillies

Lillie is a miniature poodle, She is 13.5” at the shoulder and she weighs 11lb. She is full of bounce and excitement. She loves people and doesn’t meet a stranger. She is quick to investigate anything new and is just the life of any party.

AKC  Stonewick's Guardian of the Mist

Misty is regal black dam. She has completed basic obedience and is quick to learn She has completed all her genetic health testing. She loves to run and the highlight of her day is when she gets to go to the dog park. She is great in the house and lets the kids climb all over her without complaint. 

AKC Stonewick's Wind in the Willows

Willow is our smallest standard. She is 18’’ at the shoulder and weighs 35lb. She will be bred to a smaller male and will throw miniature size pups. She has already passed all her genetic testing with flying colors. She is super laid back and just goes with the flow.